Congratulations to our four Provincial Level 6 & 7 gymnasts on qualifying to the Ontario Provincial Championships. We are so proud of all your hard work and excellent showing at your 4 qualifiers. Can’t wait to watch our Aereo girls shine at Championships !


Emma (Level 6 age 12) is ranked 9th in Ontario out of the 112 gymnasts in her category. Her qualifying average was 37.6375.



Ava (Level 7 age 12) averaged a 36.950 to finishing 27th in Ontario in a category of 67 gymnasts.
Ava (Level 6 age 14) qualified 20th in Ontario in a category of 96 competitors with an average of 37.2375
Faith (Level 7 age 13) is ranked 6th in Ontario in a category of 50 gymnasts. Faith qualified with an average of 37.475
Heading to Championships!