Congratulations to our Invitational Level 1-4 gymnasts who competed at their first competition May 12-13 in Vaughan. For many of our Invitational gymnasts this was their first ever competition and a first for our Invitational coach, Kera ! We are so proud of the girls and all their hard work this season in preparation for their competitions.

Back Row L-R: Mya, Rosie, Vanessa, Madelyn, Emily, Berkley, Breanne Front Row L-R: Maëva, Hailey, Hannah, Taylor, Trinity

Results Below:

Level 1

Breanne Hollingsworth (age 8): 4th on Vault, Beam and Floor, 2nd on Bars, 3rd All Around

Trinity Rice (age 9): 6th on Vault and Floor, 3rd on Bars and Beam, 3rd All Around

Maëva Scipio (age 9): 3rd on Vault, 4th on Bars, 5th on Beam, 7th on Floor, 6th All Around

Level 2

Hannah Watters (age 9): 5th on Vault, 1st on Bars, 4th on Beam and Floor, 3rd All Around

Hailey Bisson (age 9): 4th on Vault, 5th on Bars, 6th on Beam and Floor, 5th on All Around

Berkley Dempsey (age 10): 2nd on Vault, 3rd on Bars and Beam, 5th All Around

Taylor Breton (age 10): 2nd on Bars and Floor, 6th on Beam and 9th All Around

Level 3

Rosie Luey (age 10): 8th on Vault, 5th on Bars, 6th on Floor and 8th All Around

Mya Brown (age 11): 2nd on Vault and Beam, 1st on Bars and Floor and 1st All Around Judges Award for Most Daring Beam

*Rosie and Mya were awarded the TEAM Spirit Award*

Madelyn Rainville (age 14): 3rd on Vault, 1st on Bars, 4th on Beam and Floor and 3rd All Around

Emily Stout (age 14): 2nd on Vault, 7th on Bars, 5th on Beam, 3rd on Floor, 4th All Around

Level 4 

Vanessa Lascala (age 15+): 4th on Vault, 9th on Bars, 6th on Beam and Floor, 7th on All Around


Good Luck to the girls who compete at their second and final competition of their season in Brampton May 25-27.

Invitational Team Wins Team Spirit in Vaughan