We are excited to have you celebrate your birthday at our gymnastics club!

Birthday Parties are held Saturday or Sunday evenings per availability. To inquire please email the gym aereogymnastics@gmail.com


Rules for the Party Celebration

Please do not arrive more than 20 minutes early for your party, as we have classes that run until 4pm on Saturdays and until 1:30pm on Sundays. The children may have a hard time staying off the equipment before the party is to begin and we don’t want the children in class to be distracted. Please assign no more than one or two parents (at max) to assist in the birthday party during the gymnastics portion if possible. We want to keep traffic to a minimum inside the gym. This is for the safety of parents, friends and family who are not comfortable or familiar with the gym environment.
The first hour of the party is for Gymnastics! During this time the coach will take the children through different circuits on the 4 events, play some games and finish some play time in our sponge pit! Children will be expected to listen to the coach at all times and follow instructions regarding waiting their turn to ensure safety. Any child under 4 years old will not be able to participate in the gymnastics section of the party (unless they are already a current member of one of our Kindergym classes – in which case we know they are familiar with the gym and the structure of a class). Please understand the gymnastics section of the party is not a “free-for-all” in the gym, any siblings (older/younger) not participating will need to remain on the platform at the party tables. The maximum number of children allowed to participate in the gymnastics portion of the party is 12. If you are interested in having more than 12 children participate please let us know upon booking the party as we will bring in a second coach and the price will be adjusted accordingly.

After the gymnastics portion of the party is over, no one is allowed back on the gym’s equipment. If you are concerned about having extra time during the second hour of the party please come prepared with a game or activity for the children to do following food, cake and presents. Garbage bags will be provided by the gym please make sure you give yourself ample time to clean up the eating area before the end of the party. We advise you tell parents to arrive at the gym for pick up at 10-15mins prior to the end to ensure all children are picked up on time. There is an additional charge of $20 for every 10 minutes you are here past the end mark of the party.

All children attending must have their name and a parent signature on the permission form to participate in the gymnastics. Parents are signing to understand that gymnastics comes with the risk of injury, and that Aereo Gymnastics Club is not responsible for any personal loss or injury during the party and that they give permission for their child(ren) to participate.

Birthday Party Permission Form