For girls ages 5 year – 6 years old ready to commit to a more structured and competitive type of training. Gymnastics Ontario has developed a program called ODP (Ontario Developmental Program) for gymnasts age 5 years – 6 years old to train and compete the necessary strength, flexibility, speed, power, endurance and handstand development while preparing to enter the Competitive stream at age 7 years. The Competitive staff will begin seeking new Pre-Competitive members during the spring months (April-June) and offer a trial placement in one of the Pre-Competitive groups during the summer training. If the gymnast shows interest and commitment to the program they will compete in 2-3 competitions during the Competitive season. The ODP level gymnasts train twice a week for 3 hours at a time. During the 3 hour class they focus heavily on the 13 stations included in the ODP competitions. These include splits, bridges, handstand balance and shape, pike hold, 3 metre rope climb, chin ups, leg lifts, and shuttle run to name a few.

As gymnasts masters these strength training exercises, coaches will introduce them to skills they will need to prepare routines at the Competitive level. Skill you can expect to see from our 5 and 6 year old ODPs include handstands, cartwheels, back and front walkovers, pull overs, casting, and beginner level split leaps and jumps. Our ODP staff understand the importance of developing a strong base layer of these skills for future competitive success.

Aereo's 2015 ODP Team at Competition
Aereo’s 2015 ODP Team at Competition


IMG_6920Aereo also offers a class for young gymnasts ages 5 year – 6 years who may not be ready to compete at the ODP Level but are ready for more than what our Kindergym/Recreational level classes offer. Our Pre-Team gymnasts train once per week for 3 hours. Much like the ODP training coaches focus on developing the strength and flexibility necessary to ensure a strong foundation for future skills. Pre-Team gymIMG_7575nasts will continue to be evaluated during the summer and fall terms and if they show improvement and interest they may be offered a spot to train with the ODP team but not compete for the current season. Pre-Team gymnasts turning 6 the following season will still be eligible for ODP Competition. Pre-Team gymnasts turning 7 the following season will be tested for the Competitive stream.




If you are interested in┬áhaving your child tested for the ODP or Pre Team program please speak with your child’s coach to arrange a time or e-mail us for scheduling.