Provincial Team

For gymnasts ages 9+ years. Provincial level gymnastics is for selected gymnasts in Compulsory Levels 3-5 and Optional Levels 6-10.

Ava (Level 7 age 10) at Provincial Championships 2016 in Mississauga, ON

“Compulsory” gymnasts train and compete a very specific routine for each level on each event. The skill order, choreography and music is exactly the same for every gymnast but differ by level.

Faith (Level 5 age 9) at Provincial Championships 2014 in Windsor, ON

The Compulsory program has been modeled from the USA gymnastics program and strives to create a solid foundation of fundamental skills on each event. The levels are very progressive and better prepare the gymnast for training in the “Optional” levels. “Optional” levels 6-10 allow the gymnast and coaches to select from a variety of skills to meet the Levels difficulty requirements. Gymnasts in these levels are expected to show artistry by using their own Beam and Floor choreography and unique Floor music. A gymnast who reaches Provincial Level 10 should have the requirements necessary to seek an NCAA scholarship.


Aereo’s Provincial gymnasts train a minimum of 12 hours each week up to 20 hours each week. Once a Provincail Level gymnast is 11 years old we require them to train a minimum of 16 hours each week. Provincial Level gymnastics is a huge commit

Ava (Level 6 age 14) December 2016 at 1st Qualifier in Burlington, ON

ment, from the gymnast and their parents. Training at the Provincial Level requires a lot of self dedication and perseverance from the gymnast as they will be competing against the top gymnasts in the province. Provincial gymnasts compete in 4 Qualifiers that can held anywhere in Ontario between December and March for Levels 6-10, and between January and April for Levels 3-5. From these 4 Qualifiers, each gymnast’s top 2 All Around scores are averaged and they are ranked accordingly. The top 32 gymnasts from the Level 6-10 categories advance to the Ontario Provincial Championships held somewhere in Ontario each year in April. The top 60% of each Level 3-5 category will advance to the Compulsory Ontario Provincial Championships held somewhere in Ontario each year at the beginning of June.

Our current Provincial Level gymnasts are the success of our rebuilding efforts following 2010 when Aereo underwent a change in management. These gymnasts have been brought up from our Kindergym classes, through the ODP training and OCP competitions.