Parents, it is your responsibility to be aware of Aereo Gymnastics Club’s Policies and Procedures regarding gymnast and parent expectations, medical conditions, fees, refunds, weather cancellations, receipts, dress code and drop off/pick up procedure.

Gymnast and Parent Expectations

Gymnastics is a sport that requires a lot of dedication from the gymnast, coach and parent(s). Even at the Recreational level gymnastics will be required to do both a conditioning and flexibility program during their class. We would like all parents to understand that conditioning and flexibility are an essential aspect of our sport and contribute to the safety standards we hold at our gym. Gymnastics requires the gymnasts to have full control of their body weight at all times. In order to teach and train skills successfully and safely we have implanted specific, but basic, conditioning and flexibility requirements for all levels beginner and advanced. Coaches will never push a gymnast beyond their capabilities, but do expect the gymnast to give 100% effort during each practice, especially if the gymnast and parent expect to see improvement in the sport.

If there is ever a concern regarding any aspect of your child’s gymnastics please allow 24 hours to pass before coming forward with a complaint. If you still wish to come forward follow our Club Chain of Communication. Please remain respectful when doing so as our coaches are all here because they love coaching gymnastics and want to see all our gymnasts progress and improve.


Medical Conditions

Coaches ask that parents please be sure to notify us of ANY medical conditions your child has. This includes but is not limited to learning disabilities, attention disorders, allergies, recent injuries or skin conditions such as rashes/warts/etc. It is always best to notify the staff of these so we can do our very best to accommodate your child and make sure their experience with Aereo is enjoyable. Also to ensure that all other gymnasts are protected from anything that may be contagious and should be wrapped.


Class Fees and Refund Policy

Upon registration you will be required to put down a 50% deposit of the total fees for your child’s class. This 50% deposit is non-refundable at anytime for any reason. The deposit is to hold your child’s space should the class fill. If you decide to move your child to an alternate class day or time we will transfer the deposit as long as there is space in the alternate class day or time. The remaining 50% is due before or on the day your child begins class. If at anytime during the term your child becomes injured or ill and you are able to present Aereo with a certified medical note stating a physical reason why your child cannot participate in gymnastics up to their end date we will reimburse you for any missed classes past the initial 50% deposit fees.

**2020 UPDATE** Classes canceled due to COVID-19 or any other Government mandated closure will be rescheduled and not refunded. 


Weather Cancellations

At Aereo, safety is always our #1 priority when it comes to our athletes, parents and staff. We kindly ask that parents understand our Winter Weather Policy, where we close the gym any evening that Welland school buses do not run – and any day/evening where we find it appropriate to cancel due to weather. Unfortunately, with our gym at an all-time high number of classes and registered gymnasts we do not have extra time during the week to offer make up classes for these missed practices, nor do we provide reimbursement. We apologize for any inconvenience and want to thank our athletes and parents for understanding and continuing to support Aereo. Please use our website and Facebook page to stay informed.

*2019 Update* Due to changes to the School Board Policies regarding Bus Cancelations we have made the following adjustment to our policy. Class will not be cancelled if school buses are not running due to “extreme cold weather”. Classes will be cancelled for any bus cancelations due to hazardous road/driving conditions including but not limited to icy rain, blowing snow, storm warnings, etc. 



Parents it is your responsibility to ensure you receive, and do not misplace, you written copy receipt for your class fees. These receipts are used for tax purposes and are handed to parents upon paying the second 50% installment of their child’s class fees.


Dress Code

All gymnasts of all ages are expected and required to be dressed appropriately for class. Aereo requires gymnasts to be in a gymnastics suit or crop top for classes. We do not except t-shirts and shorts or any baggy clothing as appropriate wear for gymnastics. If your child is not dressed properly for class you will be called and asked to bring them appropriate attire. Gymnasts will not be permitted to participate without proper attire.


Drop off/Pick Up Procedure

Classes for gymnasts ages 3+ (Kindergym, Recreational, Developmental and Advanced) are all drop off classes. We do not have an appropriate and safe place for parents and siblings to stay during class times. If you feel uncomfortable with this policy we encourage you to register for our Parent involved class – Tumble Tots.

Parents, please come down the stairs and INTO the gym to pick up your child(ren) from class.  It is very important that you always come into the building to pick up regardless of your child’s age. We will no longer be allowing children to walk up the stairs without a parent. Thank you for understanding.