Congratulations to our Provincial gymnasts for their results in Peterborough this past weekend at their Qualifier. This was the second Qualifier for the Compulsory Level 3 and 4 gymnasts and the final Qualifier for the Optional Level 6 and 8 gymnasts. The full results are listed below by Level and Age group.

Back Row L-R: Peyton Minor, Sarah Smith, Faith Ruber, Ava Arsenault, Sydney Bisci, Makayla Marchand, Laura Smith, Shania Hintenberger, Julie Maguire Middle Row L-R: Ashley Clare, Isabelle Henson, Makayla Marchand, Lacey Stone Front Row L-R: Camryn Koabel, Brooke Moore, Ava Stachura, Shyanne Arbour, Paige Marion

Level 3

Age 9:

Brooke Moore: 4th on Vault, 2nd on Bars and Beam, 1st on Floor and AA

McKenna Montague: 3rd on Vault, Bars and Floor, 1st on Beam, 2nd AA

Age 11:

Neva Lalonde: 4th on Vault, 1st on Bars, 2nd on Beam, Floor and AA

Level 4

Age 9:

Julie Maguire: 3rd on Bars and Floor, 2nd on Vault, 1st on Beam and AA

Lacey Stone: 5th on Vault, 2nd on Beam, 1st on Bars and Floor, 3rd AA

Age 10:

Isabelle Henson: 8th on Vault, 1st on Bars, 2nd on Beam and 2nd AA

Peyton Minor: 4th on Vault, 1st on Floor, 3rd on Beam and AA

Camryn Koabel: 6th on Beam, 8th on Bars and Floor

Shyanne Arbour: 6th on Bars and 8th on Beam

Shania Hintenberger: 5th on Vault, 4th on Bars

Age 11:

Ashley Clare: 4th on Bars, 2nd on Floor, 1st on Vault, Beam and AA

Ava Stachura: 7th on Beam, 1st on Vault, Bars, Floor and AA

Makayla Marchand: 6th on Floor, 1st on Bars, 4th on Vault, Beam and AA

Paige Marion: 6th on Bars, 4th on Beam, 7th on Floor, 8th on Vault and AA

Level 6

Age 11:

Ava McKnight: 6th on Beam and 6th on Floor

Sarah Smith: 7th on Bars

Age 14:

Laura Smith: 6th on Bars, 7th on Beam

Sydney Bisci: 8th on Beam

Level 8

Age 13:

Ava Arsenault: 5th on Bars, 4th on Vault, Beam, Floor and AA

Age 14:

Faith Ruber: 2nd on Vault, 6th on Bars, 5th on Floor, 3rd on Beam and AA


Provincial Team Wins 10 Trophies In Peterborough